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What’s on board new British train line Lumo

We travelled from London to Edinburgh to discover what’s on board new British train line Lumo Lumo promises train passengers the chance to travel effortlessly between London and Edinburgh at a price everyone can afford. The new line which has been in development for the past two years boasts environmentally-friendly all-electric trains, the chance to […]

Inside Hornby – secrets of the greatest train model maker in the world

Tune in go behind the scenes and discover the secrets of Hornby – the greatest train model maker in the world Known throughout the world as the best train model making company in the world, Hornby is a legend to people of all ages. And now Hornby fans can go behind the scenes to discover […]

Why Britain’s scenic rail journeys are the best

Jools Townsend is CEO of the Community Rail Network. Here she reveals why Scenic Rail Britain is promoting UK rail travel in 2021 and which train journeys get her vote Why is Scenic Rail Britain promoting the joys of rail travel in the UK? Our campaign is all about promoting sustainable days out, especially on […]

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