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Mainz to Cologne by Train – Germany

Mainz to Cologne by Train, Germany

The Rhine Valley is known the world over as one of Germany’s most scenic regions. So travelling by rail along this iconic river is a must-do when you find yourself next in Germany. The most scenic stretch of the river lies between the cities of Mainz and Cologne and it’s an easy journey in each direction. On the way you’ll get to see vineyards, Medieval castles, boats and barges and the legendary Lorelei Rock. The whole route is so stunning you may want to do it as a round-trip.

Prices from: £17
Departing from: Mainz station
Journey length: 1 hour, 40 minutes   

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Mainz to Cologne train route

Trains run regularly every day between the cities – some slow and some fast so be sure to choose the slow option to ensure you travel on the scenic route. To do this, look for a trip to Koblenz, a small picturesque city on the way. By booking a ticket via Koblenz you’ll be sure you’re on the right train on the classic Rhine Valley route. If you’ve got the time, try and stop off here too – it’s really striking with lots of museums and cafes and easy to walk around. To make sure you get the best views on the train, sit on the river side of the carriage. This will be on the right from Mainz to Cologne, and vice versa on the way back.

The trains

You can travel on this route on a number of lines including some comfortable ICE and Intercity trains. One of the two direct Cologne-Switzerland EuroCity trains has a 1st class panorama car, which is the perfect place to sit in and admire the stunning scenery. All trains on this route are modern with food and drink on board.

Why we love it

The Rhine Valley is one of the most gorgeous places on earth and travelling along it by train is an absolute pleasure. It’s a very romantic journey, with some of the best views in Germany.

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