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Mont Blanc Express – Switzerland

Mont Blanc Express, Switzerland

The Mont Blanc Express is a scenic mountain train that takes passengers across the Alps and Alpine villages, across Switzerland and France, linking Martigny and Chamonix at the foothills of Mont Blanc. The train has connected these regions for more than a century, stopping at key places and tourist attractions in the Chamonix valley and Switzerland. In between riding on. It’s appealing in both winter and summer with countless attractions at each stop along the way, like the world’s highest Alpine zoo and the famed Marconi museum. 

Prices from: CHf30
Departing from: Martigny, Switzerland 
Journey length: 90 minutes

Mont Blanc Express route

The train journeys just 38km from Martigny to Chamonix, travelling through the snow-capped Alps, Alpine villages and crossing the border from Switzerland into France. From Martigny its onwards to Vernayaz and the impressive Trient Gorge before ascending to the steepest section of the route and stopping at Salvan. From Salvan the train continues on to Marécottes (home of the highest Alpine zoo and the ski slopes of La Creusaz). Le Trétien, Finhaut and Le Châtelard complete the Swiss leg of the trip, before the train crosses into France. 

French stops include Vallorcine – a Haute-Savoie village – and the famous Chamonix Mont Blanc, at the foot of the imposing Mont Blanc summit. Passengers have the opportunity to disembark at each stop, seeing sights like the Marconi museum in Salvan, picturesque village of Trétien and climb the Alps on world’s steepest two-cab funicular outside of Châtelard. The whole journey from start to finish takes around 1 hour, 30 minutes, but you can spend the day jumping from train to train as you explore each stop.  

Mont Blanc Express train

The cute red train has big panoramic picture windows – perfect for sightseeing.

Why we love it

The scenery on the Mont Black Express is stunning and passing through wild gorges, steep valleys and chocolate box Alpine villages you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Heidi or The Sound of Music

If you are staying in the Chamonix Valley, a journey on the Mont Blanc Express is free with a ‘Carte d’Hote’. Ask your accommodation for a ‘Guest Card’, and you’ll get free access to the whole Chamonix Valley public transport network between Servoz and Vallorcine. The train also offers combined tickets such as riding the train and visiting the Marécottes zoo and a day skiing on the slopes of La Creusaz, Marécottes, Balme and Vallorcine. 

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