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Linha do Douro Railway – Portugal

Linha do Douro Railway, Portugal

The Linha do Douro is a popular rail route in northern Portugal that follows the Douro River from the city of Porto to the towns of Peso da Régua, Pinhao and Pocinho. The stretch between Peso da Régua and Pocinho where you can see the river and the steep valleys filled with vineyards, is one of the most beautiful rail journeys in Europe.

Prices from: €12
Departing from: Sao Bento station, Porto
Journey length: 3 hours, 15 mins

Linha do Douro Railway - Portugal

Linha do Douro railway route

There are frequent trains daily on this 160-kilometre line that departs from Sao Bento station in Porto. You will find Regional, InterRegional and local trains on this line so there is always plenty of choice. The final destination for this line is Pocinho but many trains only travel as far as Peso da Regua, so make sure you check the destination properly before you get on board. You will find the most scenic part of the journey along the banks of the Douro from Regua to Pocinho. If you have time, stop off along the way at Pinhao. Its quaint station is beautifully decorated with lots of Portuguese tiles and it’s a great place to buy inexpensive tins of highly-decorated sardine tins and port wine gifts.

Linha do Douro trains

Because three type of services run on this line, you’ll find lots of different rolling stock. The trains are pretty basic but they’re inexpensive and if you love travelling by train, they are the perfect way to see the Douro valley in a day.

Why we love it

With its exciting river and steep banks, the Douro valley is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in Portugal. This train journey will take you right into the heart of this picturesque area with its unique villages and fascinating history.

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