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Odontotos Rack Railway – Greece

Odontotos Rack Railway, Greece

Loved by locals and travellers alike, the Odontotos Rack Railway runs from the villages of Diakopto to Kalavryta on the northern Peloponnese in southern Greece. Running on the world’s narrowest gauge (0.75m), the railway runs for 22 kilometres from Diakopto though the spectacular Vouraikos Gorge and the old Mega Spileo Monastery, stopping en route at Zachlorou, before heading up to Kalavryta. This is one of the world’s best day railway journeys and shouldn’t be missed. 

Prices from: €9.50
Departing from: Diakopto station
Journey length: 22 kilometres

Odontotos Rack Railway route

The hour-long journey begins at Diakopto railway station with the line following the Vouraikos gorge. Climbing a distance of 22,350 metres, your train will arrive in the picturesque town of Kalavrita, which is 750 metres from the surface of the sea. On the way, the train travels under rocks and through narrow gorges. You can catch a train on this line every day of the year. If you get the time you can spend some time in the very pretty mountain village of Zachlorou which is situated on the banks of the Vouraikos river. Here you will be able to buy some local Greek specialities as well as visit the famous Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo. 

Odontotos Rack Railway trains

The electric-powered trains including ‘Billiard’ and ‘Decauville’ were made in France in the 1950s specifically for this line. With big picture windows and comfortable seats, you will get to see some great views of this very special part of Greece.

Why we love it

This is a great way to explore one of the most beautiful parts of Greece, whilst marvelling at the engineers who designed this unique railway line in 1900. If you find yourself in this part of Greece, don’t miss the opportunity to travel on the Odontotos Rack Railway.

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