Grand Canyon Railway – USA

Grand Canyon Railway, USA 

The Grand Canyon Railway is one of the most magnificent ways to experience the US’ majestic Grand Canyon. It’s been taking passengers on this adventure since 1901, with the only difference in 120 years being the speeds of the journey – now just 2 hours, 15 minutes each way. Departing daily from Williams, Arizona, the historic rail route takes passengers through pine forests, prairies and deep into the Grand Canyon National park, giving them ample time to explore the Grand Canyon before the return. While the canyon is the highlight of the journey, passengers will also delight at western musicians on board, vintage carriages, an on-board cocktail service and the chance to spot local bald eagles and Californian condors.

Prices from: $67
Departing from: Williams, Arizona – USA
Journey length: 8 hours, 15 minutes

grand canyon railway usa

Grand Canyon Railway route

The train departs from Williams, Arizona (30 miles west of Flagstaff) on a round-trip to the Grand Canyon. While the destination is the highlight of the trip, and a tick off the bucket list for most travellers, the journey is pretty spectacular too. The train travels for 65 miles into the Grand Canyon National Park, passing through deserts, prairies and Ponderosa pine forests on a journey which takes 2 hours, 15 minutes each way.

Once at the south rim of the Grand Canyon passengers are given three hours to explore the mighty gorge, before re-boarding the train and returning to Williams. From November to January, the train departs at 8:30 and leaves the canyon at 14:30, switching to a 9:30 departure and 15:30 return from February to October. 

Grand canyon usa

Grand Canyon Railway train

Passengers can choose from six classes of service, from standard Pullman class in 1923 carriages and Coach Class in streamlined 1950s cars to the opulent Luxury Dome and Luxury Parlour with plush seating and a cocktail bar service. All passengers in First, Observation Dome, Luxury Dome and Luxury Parlour class receive bar service and complimentary morning and afternoon snacks.

What we love

The Grand Canyon Railway is a comfortable, easy and accessible way to tick the Grand Canyon off your bucket list. The journey is pretty fun too, thanks to western musicians and a fully-stocked bar service. Passengers wishing to stay overnight at the canyon can also purchase rail-and-stay packages at the rustic Grand Canyon Railway hotel.

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