Why Train Travel?

Not convinced? Here are just some of the reasons why travelling by train is the best way to travel in the world….

  • Trains are easy and affordable for everyone
  • Takes you right to the heart of the cities, not airports or ports on the outskirts
  • They are better for the environment: A train from London to Madrid would emit 43kg of CO2 per passenger, but 118kg by plane (or 265kg if the non-CO2 emissions are included)
  • Trains have few luggage restrictions
  • Stations avoid tedious airport security
  • Trains have more leg room than a plane
  • There are dining cars on board many trains
  • Good discounts on city attractions with many train fares
  • Stay connected with free wi-fi on many trains
  • Unlike planes, they are great for all the family,
  • There is room to walk and stretch your legs
  • Plenty to see outside of the large picture windows
  • No plane turbulence
  • You can hop on and off on many lines
  • Trains are pet and bike friendly, and some even carry cars