Semmering Railway – Austrian Alps

It’s not just the journey through Austria’s eastern Alps that’s spectacular; the Semmering Railway itself is very special. Built between 1848 and 1854, the Railway boasts sixteen viaducts, fifteen tunnels and 100 bridges on the 42-kilometre journey between Gloggnitz and Murzzuschlag. This was the world’s first mountain railway and given the considerable engineering feat in its construction, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1998. Over the years many hotels and houses have been built along the route and this has become one of Austria’s most famous winter sports destinations. On board, travellers will enjoy riding through the spectacular Austrian Alps, which are stunning any time of the year. 

Prices from: €17
Departing from: Gloggnitz Station
Journey length: 90 minutes

  • Semmering Railway – Austria
  • Semmering Railway – Austria

Semmering Railway route

Your journey on the Semmering Railway begins at Gloggnitz station, at 436 m above sea level and ends at the Muzzuschlag station, which is 677 m above sea level. The line has four distinct sections. The first runs from Gloggnitz to Payerbach stations, following the left-hand slopes of the Schwarza valley; the second section travels on the Schwarza viaduct to reach Eichberg station; the third section travels through the Auerbach valley to Klamm-Schottwien station.

After passing through the Klamm Tunnel, it reaches the Adlitzgraben and the Alpine terrain itself. The final section of the route is the most dramatic, with the train going over the Kalte Rinne and passing through the 1,431 m Semmering Tunnel before reaching Semmering station. It then descends along the right-hand slope of the Roschnitz valley, before arriving at Muzzuschlag station.

Semmering Railway trains

Until 1959 the route was powered by steam engines; these days, the engines are electric, and the cars are modern and air-conditioned.

Why we love it

The views on this journey are jaw-dropping and the viaducts, tunnels and bridges are just as spectacular as the journey itself. This is one best train journeys in the world.

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