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All you need to know about the Seven Stars in Kyushu Train

Each month we look at dream bucket list rail journeys we’d all like to experience at least once in our lives. We’re kicking off with the Seven Stars in Kyushu Train in Japan, one of the most luxurious railway journeys in the world.

Where does the Seven Stars in Kyushu Train go?

Enjoy a magical train ride on the Seven Stars train around Kyushu Island

Kyushu Island is one of Japan’s most picturesque islands, boasting active hot springs, dramatic volcanoes and a beautiful coastline. The luxurious Seven Stars in Kyushu Train offers guests two excursion itineraries around the island.  Off the train, excursions are all inclusive and include trips to shrines, local places of interest plus five-course dinners at some of the island’s most celebrated restaurants. On the longer journey, passengers also get to stay for one-night stay at a tranquil Japanese ryota (traditional inn).

What routes are on offer on the Seven Stars train?

Enjoy the view on board the magnificent Seven Stars in Kyushu train

You can choose from two itineraries on the Seven Stars in Kyushu train. The first is a a four-day adventure around five of Kyushu’s prefectures; the second is a two-day journey through four. The four-day tour travels from Fukuoka to Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Kumamoto. This includes a one-night stay at one of Japan’s most famous ryokans in Yufuin City. Meanwhile the two-day round-trip journey will take you across northern Kyushu through Fukuoka, Saga, Nagsaki and Kumamoto. 

What can I expect on board?

You’ll find mouth-watering fare on board the train

This is an ultra-luxe train journey where every guest is greeted by their name and treated like royalty. On board, you will enjoy some of the country’s best cuisine (including amazing sushi and sashimi), traditionally designed deluxe cabins and a butler to look after your every whim.

The Seven Stars in Kyushu Train has seven carriages – five passenger sleeper cars, a dining car and popular bar car with observation area. The train’s overall design concept was overseen by revered Japanese designer Eiji Mitooka.

There are also two other carriages – the Jupiter Dining Car and the Blue Moon Lounge which has vast windows that are designed for panoramic views. 

Which cabins can I book on the Seven Stars train?

All the cabins on board the Seven Stars in Kyushu train are luxurious

Yes, there are 14 cabins on the Seven Stars in Kyushu Train. The train offers 12 standard suites and two exclusive deluxe suites. The standard suites measure 183 sq. ft, accommodating two passengers. They have a private washroom with toilet and shower. The deluxe suites are bigger and again, come with an ensuite bathroom.

Is there a waiting list?

This luxury train is always in such demand you will be put on a waiting list

Due to its small size, carrying just 28 passengers, prospective travellers need to fill out an application form and are entered into a lottery to buy tickets. The lottery for this year has now been closed so you will need to apply for a trip in 2022 or 2023.

How much will I pay?

A trip of this high quality doesn’t come cheap

Prices for the 2-day, 1-night tour start from ¥480,000 pp (about £2,600) whilst the 3-night trip will set you back from ¥630,000 pp.

Why should it be on my train travel bucket list?

With only 28 guests on board, a trip on the Seven Stars in Kyushu train is like nothing on earth. You’ll enjoy luxurious cuisine, drink and accommodation as well as experiencing one of Japan’s finest islands. The waiting list for this amazing train says it all…..

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