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Beijing to Shanghai Train – China

Passengers on the Beijing to Shanghai train can enjoy the trip of a lifetime on the world’s fastest passenger train. Travelling at an astonishing speed of 350 km/h (217 mph) and travelling for 1,318 kilometres (819 miles), you will be transported between Beijing and Shanghai in a speedy 4 hours and 18 minutes. The line, which opened in 2011, is one of the busiest high speed railways in the world, offering passengers, both locals and visitors, a great comfortable and punctual alternative to flying between these two major Chines cities.

Prices from: US $81
Departing from: Beijing South Station
Journey length: 819 miles

Beijing china
Board the train in historical Beijing

Beijing to Shanghai train route

Lovers of China’s impressive engineering proweress will love this journey where 87% of the line is elevated. On the journey you will enjoy travelling along the longest bridge in the world, the 164-km long Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, and the second longest viaduct bridge in the world, between Langfang and Qingxian. You will also travel though 22 tunnels on the journey (blink and you’ll miss them!).

china bullet train Beijing to Shanghai

Beijing to Shanghai train

These modern, purpose-built trains are clean and very reliable. Between 90 and 100 trains travel on this line between Beijing South and Shanghai Hongqiao every day. The trains operate between 7am and 6pm. There are first and second class coaches available on all trains and on the shorter trains, you will find a six-person Premier Class compartment. The longer trains also include 28 business class seats and a full-length dining car.

Why we love it

Who wouldn’t love taking a trip on the world’s fastest passenger train? As you speed between cities, you can sit back and relax and pat yourself for not flying between these mega cities. Not only will you enjoy the journey, but it’s a great way of seeing modern China come to life.

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