Beijing to Badaling and Great Wall of China Train

Beijing to Badaling and Great Wall of China Train

Visitors to China will find it very easy to travel by train from Beijing to the Great Wall of China. Badaling is the most famous section of the Great Wall of China and you can get there on an easy 20-minute journey, travelling 38 miles on one of the many comfortable S2 trains that travel there. The line has 10 stations and you should make your final destination Badaling Changcheng, for easy access to one of the most visited parts of the Wall. A new high-speed train on this route is currently in its final stages and should be ready by July 2020.

Prices from: US $3.80 (round-trip)
Departing from: Beijing North Railway Station
Journey length: 38 miles

Beijing to Great Wall of china train

Beijing to Great Wall train route

The quick and easy journey will take you over the Imperial Peking–Kalgan railwayand at Qinglongqio you will get your first glance of the Wall itself.  

Beijing to Great Wall train

The comfortable air-conditioned trains are spacious with big picture windows. They all have a café car though the journey is so fast you will need to drink your coffee quickly! The train operates a one-class ticket policy so try and get on board fast so you can grab the best seats at the front of the train. They leave regularly from Beijing North Railway Station at least three times an hour in peak times.

Great Wall of china man walking
Walk the Great Wall for yourself

Why we love it

Travelling through Beijing by car or coach can be a tortuous affair so taking the train to see the Great Wall of China is the way to go. This line is cheap, comfortable and a great way to see one of the most-loved wonders of the world.

Get on board

The easiest way to travel on this line is to buy a Beijing Metro smartcard (like an Oyster card) from any Beijing metro station. You can also buy a paper ticket from the main station too, but you may end up queuing to do this.

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