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The Hoorn–Medemblik Heritage Railway – Netherlands

The Hoorn–Medemblik Heritage Railway, Netherlands

The Hoorn–Medemblik Heritage Railway is a popular heritage railway in the Netherlands. Run by the Museumstoomtram Hoorn Medemblik, it runs 20 kilometres from Hoorn to Medemblik through the Westfrisian countryside. The railway is famous for its vintage steam engines including the 7742 Bello locomotive, the only preserved light steam engine in the Netherlands.

As well as enjoying a trip on some of the finest steam trains in the world, railway travellers will enjoy seeing the beautifully restored stations along the route where you can see how packages and mail were delivered by train over the years. At workshops in Hoorn, visitors can also see the restoration of locomotives, coaches and wagons. This special railway was famously used as a film location for the 1979 movie The Riddle of the Sands which starred British actor Michael York

Prices from: $13.70
Departing from: Hoorn station
Journey length: 20 kms

Hoorn–Medemblik Heritage Railway

Hoorn–Medemblik Heritage Railway route

The railway has thirteen perfectly restored stations from Hoorn to Medemblik, including Zwaag, Wijzend and Twisk.

Hoorn–Medemblik Heritage Railway trains

Eight steam tram carriages are in regular service on The Hoorn–Medemblik Heritage Railway. The most famous locomotive is the 7742 Bello, which runs in the peak season in the afternoons. The line also runs three tramway engines (two of which are enclosed tram engines); three industrial engines; a German engine which is now being rebuilt as a replica of a Dutch railway shunting engine; and an industrial type locomotive. Their calibre is so high that seven of the nine steam locomotives are official Dutch railway monuments. As well as enjoying seeing the expertly restored locomotives guests get to travel in equally restored cars with a 1926 livery.

Why we love it

It’s not just the trains that are a big attraction here – the stations themselves are railway masterpieces. So, get on board and enjoy going back in (railway) time.

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