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Prague to Budapest Train – EuroNight Metropol

Prague to Budapest Train, EuroNight Metropol

The EuroNight Metropol is a comfortable, efficient overnight train ride that links Prague and Budapest in both directions, giving passengers a comfortable night’s sleep at a reasonable price. One of the most popular Prague to Budapest train routes is the Metropol sleeper, which offers passengers a great overnight ride with a wide variety of ticket options available.

Prices from: 39 euros
Departing from: Budapest Station    
Journey length: 1 night

Prague to Budapest train route

The overnight sleep train leaves Prague at 21.56, arriving in Budapest at 8.35.

Budapest danube hungary
Begin your journey in beautiful Budapest

The Prague to Budapest train

The train is divided into modern ‘Comfortline’ type cabins, a couchette car and a few  carriages containing ordinary seats. There is no bar or restaurant on board, but customers can order light snacks and drinks from the cabin staff.

Cabins on Prague to Budapest train

Travellers on the EuroNight Metropol Sleeper train can choose from three ways to travel – in a sleeper cabin, in a couchette cabin or in a seater cabin. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and unless you are young and energetic, a night spent trying to sleep sitting up in a seater cabin is not recommended. It makes more sense to pay for a sleeper or couchette cabin and arrive in Prague fresh and relaxed after a good night’s sleep. 

Sleeper cabins – On board you’ll find 9 carriages which house standard sleeper cabins which can be sold as a single, double or triple. Single cabins are designed for solo travellers; doubles are for 2 people (if you are travelling on your own you will share with a traveller of your own sex); triples are for 3 people.

Again, if you are travelling solo, you will share with members of your own sex. You will find the bathrooms and toilets outside the cabins. There are also 3 carriages that house deluxe sleeper cabins (the same configuration as the standard ones) with an ensuite toilet and shower. Beds on all sleeper cabins are made up for you and can be folded down into seats for the evening and morning part of your journey.

budapest to prague sleeper train

Couchettes – these are great value cabins, suitable for those who are travelling with friends or a family group. These comfortable bunks come in 4 or 6 berth configurations. Each berth is provided with a sheet, blanket and pillow. The sexes aren’t segregated in the couchette cabins. For the evening and morning part of the journey the couchettes convert to seats so you can eat dinner and breakfast in your cabin. You will find the bathrooms and toilets outside in the coach. 

Seater Cabins – You will find a few carriages with 2nd class seater cabins on board the Metropol. This is the most affordable way to travel on this overnight sleeper train but it’s also the most uncomfortable so only really suitable for the young or if you are cash-strapped. Not recommended. 

Food and drink

There is no bar or restaurant on the EuroNight Metropol train so most passengers opt to eat their dinner in Budapest before they board the train. You can also take your own food and drink with you on the train. Alternatively, a small selection of food and drink is available. You can order this from the menu provided by the cabin staff. Many dishes are Hungarian-based so if you’re a fussy eater it makes sense to take your own food on board with you.

Dress code

There is no official dress code on the Euronight Metropol train, so you are free to wear what you like. Just make sure that if you’re sharing your cabin with strangers, you have something modest to wear while you are sleeping. 

prague czech republic
Disembark in historic Prague

Fellow passengers

This is a very popular route for those travelling through Eastern Europe so expect to meet passengers of all ages from around the globe. This is a very friendly train so if you are sharing a cabin you will soon get chatting to your fellow overnight passengers.

What’s included

Passengers in sleeper and couchette cabins get a boxed continental breakfast included in their fare.

Pros and cons

This EuroNight Metropol sleeper train is a great way to travel easily from Budapest to Prague and vice versa. It is built specifically for this purpose so everything has been well thought out and you will find it a highly efficient way to travel. Unlike similar trains, it also gives you free Wi-Fi access. However, it’s a pretty basic train so if you’re looking for a luxurious journey you are going to be disappointed.

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