Eurostar to Marseille – London to Marseille by Train

Bustling, sprawling, intriguing Marseille is the capital of Provence and home to a young multi-ethnic population that gives the city its buzz. This old city boasts great seafood and fabulous beaches, making it a great destination for a holiday travelling by Eurostar. Visitors will love the Insta-famous Old Harbour with its brightly painted houses and […]

Eurostar to Lyon – London to Lyon by Train

Lyon, the gourmet capital of France is a delight for travellers. Its stunning historic centre, Le Vieux Lyon, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it boasts the largest ensemble of Renaissance buildings in Europe. As you’d expect from a city with such a fantastic gourmet reputation, it boats many famous Michelin starred restaurants. But […]

Northern Europe

Prague to Budapest Train – EuroNight Metropol

The EuroNight Metropol is a comfortable, efficient overnight train ride that links Prague and Budapest in both directions, giving passengers a comfortable night’s sleep at a reasonable price. One of the most popular Prague to Budapest train routes is the Metropol sleeper, which offers passengers a great overnight ride with a wide variety of ticket […]

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Prague to Krakow Train – EuroNight Sleeper

Interrailing across Europe is one of life’s greatest pleasures, being able to jump from exciting city to the next so comfortably and easily. One of those trains is the safe and the cosy EuroNight sleeper Prague to Krakow train, connecting the Czech Republic capital Prague with Poland’s art capital Krakow. Affectionately known as the Chopin […]