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Trenino Verde Train – Sardinia, Italy

Trenino Verde Train, Sardinia, Italy

The Trenino Verde (green train) is one of Sardinia’s hidden gems, and is a must-do for visitors to this paradise Mediterranean island. It’s easily the best way to explore Sardinia’s rugged landscapes and the exciting ports dotted all over the island. Designed especially for travellers, the line has been around for almost 150 years and is now operated by ARST, running five trips all year round. Each journey takes just a couple of hours and trundles past mountainous countryside, glittering coastline and pastel-hued Italian ports. Almost 100 years have passed since DH Lawrence regaled audiences with his tale of riding the train in Sea and Sardinia, and the truth is it really hasn’t changed much at all. 

Prices from: €15
Departing from: Mandas; Arbatax; Sindia; Palau 
Journey length: 1 hour, 50 mins – 3 hours, 40 mins 

Trentino Verde route

The Trentino Verde is the longest tourist railway network in Europe, travelling on five different routes across 438 kilometres. The train operates routes all over the country, Mandas–Sadali, Mandas–Laconi, Arbatax–Gairo, Sindia–Bosa and Palau–Tempio. For those visiting the capital of Cagliari a metro runs from the metro station on Piazza Repubblica to Monserrato where you can connect with trains for Mandas. The average journey time is 3 hours, 30 mins, with two shorter journeys at 1 hour, 50mins and 2 hours, 45 mins. Tickets for the Trentino Verde can be purchased at the station or online (the official website is in Italian only). 

Trentino Verde train

The train is adorable, quite literally a little green train trundling along the Sardinian countryside. It hasn’t changed much from when DH Lawrence first rode the train back in 1921 and passengers should expect a rickety old wagon (though it is clean and comfortable). 

Why we love it

Nostalgia, countryside and the chance to explore hidden Sardinia away from the tourist traps. Riding this train is like stepping back in time and will make you feel like DH Lawrence.

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