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Train Traveller and Best-Selling Author Janice Lynn Shares her Railway Memories and Dreams

This month Janice Lynn releases her new novel Wrapped Up in Christmas Joy. Janice lives in Tennessee with her husband Paul their seven kids. When she’s not writing, she dreams of riding on the Polar Express.

What’s been your favourite rail journey?

The one I took with my husband on the White Pass & Yukon Railway Route. It travelled into the Yukon Mountains starting from Skagway, Alaska and crossing into Canada. The mountain views were absolutely breathtaking. So much open land and gorgeous nature seemingly untouched by man that you truly feel removed from the rest of the world.

I kept imagining how settlers must have felt when they first came to our country as we made our way through the terrain. It was a great experience that I highly recommend. 

white pass Yukon route Alaska
The beautiful White Pass & Yukon Railway Route

Can you remember your first ever train journey? 

The first train ride I recall was in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee near Gatlinburg. I’m pretty sure why it stands out in my mind so much is that there was a staged train robbery. I was old enough to question whether or not it was real, but young enough to not be 100% sure. I also recall several trips to Chattanooga, Tennessee where I took rail rides and visited train stations.

Janice Lynn wrapped in Christmas joy
From £6.48,

Where would you like to travel to by rail? 

I would love to travel through Europe by rail. I think it would be a fantastic way for me, as a tourist, to see the countries from the comfort of a train.

Who is your ideal travelling companion on a rail journey? 

My husband, Michael. He is the most positive person I know, smiles a lot, and makes me laugh.

Are there any particular train trips you’d like to take? 

Well, I write Christmas stories for Hallmark Publishing, so I guess my next answer makes sense, although not exactly an exotic locale. I loved the film The Polar Express, so I’d like to have a magical Christmas journey full of hot cocoa and lots of feel good moments. I definitely need to work a Christmas train into one of my new books. 

Janice Lynn polar express
Janice would love to ride on a real life Polar Express

What’s the best thing about taking a train journey? 

I love sitting comfortably on board with my husband and watching the world go by. It’s also a great way of travelling to see friends and family – you’ve got lots to talk about your journey when you arrive. 

What do you always take with you on a train journey? 

My camera for taking memorable shots.

Do you get recognised when you travel by rail? 

No, as an author, I don’t have to worry too much about being recognized when I’m travelling.

Have you ever skipped your fare travelling by train? 

No, I haven’t.

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