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Rosemary Shrager Reveals Her Bucket-List Train Trips

British chef and TV star Rosemary Shrager took her first train journey at 10 and loves to travel by train. She loved travelling through India by train and is planning a trip from London to Russia with her grandson Freddie

What has been your favourite rail journey and why? 

It travelled from Zurich to Milan – the rural scenery was just breath-taking. Another favourite experience was travelling on a Bullet train in Japan. The on-board service was exemplary

What country have you most enjoyed visiting by rail?

From the North to the South of France – this was before Eurostar came in. It was the ever- changing rural scenery that made the journey that even more special. 

Have you ever travelled by train overnight? If so, which train journey did you take?

Yes, very recently I travelled on the Caledonian Sleeper to Scotland overnight and slept in their newly revamped suite. It was very cosy which made for the most pleasant journey.

great British railway journeys
The Caledonian Sleeper connects London with Scotland

Can you remember your first ever train journey?

I took my first train journey to Buckinghamshire when I was 10 and travelled to my boarding school, Hampden House. The teachers would meet us at the station to make sure we got on the train safely. 

Where would you like to travel to by rail?

My grandson Freddie would love to travel to Russia by train. You start your journey from London to Paris, then once in Paris you catch a sleeper train to Moscow. I am told it is a very long train journey though!

Who is your ideal travelling companion on a rail journey?

It would have to be with my grandson who would love to do the London-Moscow train journey. He loves Russia and is learning the language.

Belmond Venice Simplon Orient-Express train
On Rosemary’s list: The Venice Simplon Orient-Express

Are there any particular train trips you’d like to take? 

Yes, I would love to travel on the Shiki-Shima in Japan – it’s luxury at the grandest scale and truly a one in a lifetime experience. The Orient Express is also a train I would love to experience. 

What’s the best thing about taking a train journey?

The fact that a train trip is much less hassle than taking a plane. I find it much more relaxing and a train always gives me more space to work.

What do you always take with you on a train journey?   

My laptop, a book and playing cards if it ends up being a long journey.

Do you get recognised when you travel by rail?

Always but I don’t mind – it brightens up the journey.

Have you ever skipped your fare travelling by train?

Never in my life!

What’s the best memory you have of travelling by train?

I loved my journey in India with my Marigold Hotel friends from Jaipur to Agra. I had the most wonderful journey with Miriam Margoyles and Wayne Sleep. The funniest moment was breaking the bunk bed! We also met a group of ladies who were on a pilgrimage; we sang, danced and I had a henna motif done on my hand. It’s such a special memory and one I will never forget.

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