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Railway Expert Andy Brabin on the future of train travel

Railway expert Andy Brabin is the boss of rail travel company DiscoverByRail. Here he talks about the future of train travel, his favourite trains and why he can’t wait to launch his new business.

How does your company DiscoverByRail work?

Andy can book you on a memorable trip on Scotland’s West Highland Line

Based on my personal experience and knowledge of railway travel, I will give you inspirational ideas on where to go and which trains to travel on. I like to talk to my DiscoverByRail customers and get an idea of what sort of train holiday they are looking for. I can give them up-to-date advice and also look at the future of train travel.

Then I design the whole package for them. From which trains to travel on, to where to go and where to stay. They come to me because I have personal knowledge of the journeys they’re booking so there’s a lot of trust involved.

Which train journeys are the most popular?

The views from the Trans Siberian Railway trains are stunning

The Trans Siberian Railway is the number one choice for my UK clients. They want to travel from London to Beijing on one of the most famous trains in the world. US and Australian trips are also popular; round Europe trips too. I also find that Greece is popular for family holidays.

Because of the Covid crisis, many of my customers are considering taking longer journeys because they feel like they have missed out on a lot of precious travel time.

When will you be launching UKByRail?

The Night Riviera Sleeper to Cornwall is one of the UK’s most popular trains

My new company will offer customers the chance to book bespoke rail trips around the UK on some of the most iconic trains including the Caledonian Sleeper and the Night Riviera Sleeper train. I will launch it once we know that we’re all safe to travel again.

What are your personal favourite rail journeys?

Rovos Rail’s Pride of Africa is on Andy’s train bucket list

The Bernina Express in Switzerland has to be top of my list. The view from the train is outstanding and it’s a pleasure to travel on the train at any time of the year. I also think Rovos Rail’s Pride of Africa has to be the best train journey in the world. Luxury, scenery and wildlife. What more could you ask for?

How do you see the future of train travel?

Rail travel in the US looks great thanks to President Biden
  • New and existing rail apps will help customers travel more easily
  • President Biden’s love of trains, particularly Amtrak trains will mean there is a bigger focus on rail travel in the US
  • There will be a real demand for mid distance train travel
  • Post Covid, there will be a wholesale chance in UK rail fares – this will definitely benefit rail travellers

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