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The Paris-Nice Sleeper Train has Finally Been Restored

Romantic train journeys from Paris to the French Riviera are on the cards for this summer…

Once one of the most glamorous rail routes in Europe, if not the world, the Paris-Nice sleeper train route has finally been revived. The iconic train route once whisked travellers between the French capital to the sands of the Côte d’Azur, but was terminated in 2017 due to French government cuts.

Running its first journey in nearly four years on Thursday 20 May, daily trips between Paris and Nice are now available in both directions, allowing passengers to enjoy a relaxing and scenic 12-hour and 1,088km journey. The journey is twice as long as the current TGV journey, offering more accessible prices from €29 for sleeping couchette class. Other tickets include first-class, made up of four-berth couchettes and available to privately book, and reclining seats.

paris-nice sleeper train
The iconic route was revived this week

French Prime Minister Jean Castex was among the first passengers to board the revived rail route last Thursday evening, with journeys between the capital and coast quickly booking up.

The Paris-Nice sleeper train is a route steeped in history, previously operating as the famous Blue Train, launched in 1886 to carry the Parisian, American and British elite to the sun-soaked South of France. Its blue carriages and gold trim were iconic, the train itself decked with oak panelling and boasting plush sleeping compartments and a gourmet dining car.

While the current trains are a world away from the Blue Train, the journey is still painfully whimsical and romantic, and the perfect, stress-free and sustainable way to travel between Paris and Nice this summer.

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