5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Michael Portillo

Looking for a great Christmas present for the Michael Portillo fan in your life (or even yourself)? We’ve got the ultimate Christmas gift guide to all things Michael…

Travel around Great Britain with him

In his latest book, Greatest British Railway Journeys: Celebrating The Greatest Journeys, Michael reveals his favourite top fifty rail journeys and brings you the intriguing stories behind them. £14,78, amazon.

Wear his trousers

Michael is famous for his bright and colourful wardrobe. Most of his clothes are made bespoke but we love these glorious red trousers that are just like his.
Gant, £44.90

Travel by train through India with Michael

On a journey on one of the world’s largest and most exhilarating rail networks, Michael meets Maharajas, enjoys journeys to Kolkata and Delhi and learns what happened to India after the British left the country. Enjoy all this with a Great Indian Railway Journeys: Series 1 DVD from the BBC, £9.41

Wear him on your chest

We love this fun t-shirt – it’s the perfect present for any Michael fans in your life.
£13.99, eBay

Travel with a copy of Bradshaw’s railway guide

As every Michael fan knows, the Bradshaw guides to railway travel are his bibles. This facsimile edition of Bradshaw’s Handbook of 1863, is the book that inspired the BBC television series Great British Railway Journeys.
£10.50, amazon

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