A new life for Prince William on his 39th birthday?

Is there a new life in store for train-loving Prince William on his 39th birthday? Railway Traveller looks to see what is in store for the birthday boy…

It’s been a turbulent year so far for Prince William who celebrates his 39th birthday today. In April he said goodbye to his beloved grandfather Prince Philip. And following the shock of the revelations of the Oprah interview, he has sadly become more estranged from his brother Harry.

Support from Catherine

But it’s not all doom and gloom. His relationship with his wife Catherine has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months. And one of the highlights of the past year was the three-day journey they took around the UK last winter on the Queen’s private train. Looking like a typical British couple, they chatted amiably in the cold at Batley station in Yorkshire before their boarded the train.

What’s on board

Whilst other royals around the world boast more opulent trains, the Queen’s private train is surprisingly plain inside. Maybe the privacy it affords, makes up for its stripped-down appearance. The current train was updated back in 1977 (before William was even born!) so maybe it’s time for an update. See more about the train at The Secrets of the Queen’s Mysterious private train

Birthday wishes

Celebrating turning 39 is always difficult for anyone. So, we’ve no doubt, the no-nonsense heir to the throne will enjoy spending time with his family and enjoy a welcome day off his royal duties.

New Beginnings

Like all families, William and Katherine Like all families, William and Katherine are pondering a post-covid move and they have been spotted looking at prospective schools in leafy Berkshire. At the moment their eldest children Prince George, seven, and Princess Charlotte, six, both attend St Thomas’s school in southwest London. And the school take children until they are 13. But the royal couple are known to favour the country so it may not come as a surprise if they choose to educate their children in Berkshire. If they do, perhaps we can suggest a family day out on the Royal Windsor Steam Train from Victoria to Windsor. After all, Granny does live there.

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