What Boris’ Travel Announcement means for Rail Holidays

What does Boris’ travel announcement mean for rail holidays? Railway Traveller investigates…

Can I book a train holiday outside the UK?

Be on the safe side and book a train holiday to countries like Switzerland later in the summer

Technically, the answer is yes. However, the Prime Minister said that he wouldn’t give an official answer on whether Brits can travel abroad until May 17th. He did say he was ‘hopeful’ and the Government will be telling us more about the ‘traffic light’ system between now and then. So Boris’ travel announcement for rail holidays is of importance.

In the meantime, if you want to book a rail holiday overseas, you would be wise to book for later in the summer or autumn onwards. And make sure that the company you book with is flexible about your dates in case the situation changes again. Big rail travel companies like Great Rail Journeys, Railbookers and Railtrail will make sure your ticket is flexible.

What does the ‘Green Light’ System mean?

When the Government gives the go-ahead for overseas travel, countries will be on the green, amber or red list, depending on their Covid situation.

Red –

  • Any Britons returning from a country on this list would have to go into hotel quarantine for 11 days at a cost of £1,750 per person. The traveller would also have to take at least three covid tests before tests and two when they get back.
  • Red list countries are deemed to be those with low vaccination rates and high rates on infection.

Amber –

  • These are categorised as countries where there is a medium risk from Coronavirus. Travel from these countries would include tests before and/or on arrival and/or vaccination certificates but no quarantine when you return to the UK.

Green –

  • If you’re visiting a ‘green list’ country with a successful vaccination programme and low covid rates, you will be able to travel to them and return without any travel restrictions.

Which countries will get a ‘Green Light’?

Israel has had a successful vaccination programme so holidays here look likely to be on the ‘green list’

At the moment the USA, Maldives, UAE, Malta, Gibraltar and Israel have excellent vaccinations rates, are expected to be given the green light.

Where can I have a rail holiday soon?

Make this the year you take a trip on the mighty Jacobite Steam Train

The simple answer is at home. Thanks to our successful vaccination programme, British holidays will be allowed this summer. So, if you’ve ever fancied exploring the British Isles, this is the year to do it. Looking for a Welsh rail holiday? Try Ffestiniog Travel and Rail Discoveries. Want to head up to Scotland? Planet Rail and Tailor Made Rail have a great selection of rail holidays. These include trips on iconic trains like the Jacobite Steam Train and Belmond Royal Scotsman.

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