Why Boxing Day is the Best Day to Book Your Train Tickets

Did you know Boxing Day is the best day to book your train tickets? Here’s why…

So, it’s officially Boxing Day. After weeks (maybe months) of build up to the big day, it came and went just like that. After spending a day cooped up in your house or, for the lucky ones in Tier 2, with a handful of family members, you may be itching to get away, no doubt making travel plans for when we (hopefully) can get away in early 2021. While Boxing Day is great for walks and gorging on leftovers, it’s also one of the best days to book train tickets, here’s why…

Boxing Day sales

Of course, Boxing Day means the start of the Boxing Day sales (what were once the January sales, but we got more demanding). Big travel brands like Eurostar often discount the prices on their tickets, so you can get a good deal for a trip away in 2021. Make sure to check Eurostar, along with other pleasure and heritage railways like Bluebell Railway, the Jacobite Steam Train and even Belmond (worth a look).

Make sure to check all the big train travel websites…

You have plenty of time

Boxing Day marks the start of the famous lull, the blue between Christmas and New Year where days all roll into one and no one really knows if they’re coming or going. This is the perfect time to book travel, including train tickets, as you have plenty of time on your hands and lots of time to compare deals. Make sure to check the big sites for bucket-list trips, like Railbookers, Tailor Made Rail and Great Rail Journeys, who all offer incredible rail holidays across the world.

It pays to book early

Let’s face it, we’re not going anywhere for a while (here in the UK at least), so Boxing Day is a great time to get those train tickets in for later in the year. According to Money Saving Expert, the best deal you’ll get is booking your train tickets 12 weeks in advance, where there are some serious savings to be made.

Many train line release tickets way in advance, with lines like London North Eastern Railway releasing advance tickets up to 24 weeks ahead for routes from stations north of York into London.

winter train journeys
Book a bucket-list trip on the magical Glacier Express

You can book that bucket-list trip

With Christmas out the way, it’s time to focus on the future, and getting through the bleakness of January and Feb. The best way to pick yourself up is by booking an incredible railway adventure on one of the world’s most iconic and renowned train routes. Why not splash out (it’s been a tough year) on a trip on the Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the Glacier Express, the Ghan or South Africa’s Blue Train or Pride of Africa. There’s nothing better to look forward to than a trip away…

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