Altaria Train – Madrid to Granada

The popular Altaria train is a long-distance high-speed train that connects the Spanish capital Madrid with four of Spain’s most popular southern cities – Algeciras, Granada, Murcia and Cartagena. The modern Altaria trains are designed with gauge changing technology that allows them to travel on both standard and high-speed rails. This allows them to reach speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour. 

Prices from: €6.50
Departing from: Atocha station, Madrid
Journey length: Various

Altaria train spain
The train’s exterior

Altaria Train Spain route

All routes are popular and during the vacation season you will need to book ahead, especially if you are planning on visiting Granada, home to the world-famous Alhambra. You can choose to travel in a list class (preferente) seat for €23.50 or second class (turista) for €6.50. 

Altaria Train

On board these modern air-conditioned trains, railway travellers will find a coffee bar, bistro, newspapers and magazines and video screens. If you are travelling first class a meal and a drink are also included in your fare and you are invited to wait for your train in the exclusive lounge ‘Sala Club’ at Madrid’s Atocha station. Both first and second class carriages offer travellers spacious reclining seats and an audio/video service too. The seats all face the same direction and whatever class you choose to travel in, you’ll find the seats comfy and spacious. The windows on these trains are big too so ypu’ll get to see some of the country as you whizz across Spain.

Why we love it

The Spanish are masters of modern train travel and their Altaria trains are exemplary. As well as enjoying a super-fast trip on a clean, comfortable train, if you travel first class, you’ll also get to enjoy some great Spanish fare – so make sure you book a first-class ticket to really get the best out of this great railway line.

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