Thello Paris to Venice Train

Thello Paris to Venice Train

What could be more romantic and fabulous than a train journey from Paris to Venice? The answer is not a lot… Allowing travellers to hop between two glorious cities, Thello runs overnight trains connecting Paris and Venice in just 13 hours, 47minutes. Passengers depart from Gare de Lyon in the evening and arrive in Venice in the morning, refreshed and ready to explore its grand canals, iconic landmarks and indulge on bellinis. The trains themselves are comfortable, modern and have great facilities, run by Thello (owned by Trenitalia) and boasting sleeper cabins, shared compartments and a restaurant and bar car. 

Prices from: €29 
Departing from: Gare de Lyon station, Paris
Journey length: 1 night

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Thello Paris to Venice train route

The train departs from Paris’ Gare de Lyon at 19:15, making a total of eight stops before pulling into Venice’s Santa Lucia station. With a full evening ahead, passengers are able to gaze out of the window as the train rolls into the French countryside, stopping at Dijon before crossing the border into Italy and stopping at Milan. From Milan, the train stops at Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Venice Mestre and finally Venice’s Santa Lucia at 09:25 the next morning. The city’s main railway station, Santa Lucia is just a short walk away from central Venice and attractions like St Mark’s Square. Overnight the train passes through the winemaking region of Burgundy and the snow-capped Alps.

Thello Paris to Venice train

Thello is known for its clean, comfortable, modern and safe sleeper trains, and the Paris to Venice train is no different. Passengers spend the night in sleeper cabins or couchette compartments, and there is a restaurant coach with dining and bar service. Trains are generally accessible to mobility impaired passengers, however numbers of wheelchair users permitted on board are limited due to coach design. Pets are welcome on board and shared toilets are located in each coach. 

Cabins on Thello Paris to Venice train

Passengers travelling on Thello sleeper trains can choose from sleeper cabins or couchette compartments, and each comes with a few further options. Sleeper cabins are the most comfortable, with both premium sleeper and standard sleeper available for guests. Premium sleepers sleep two guests and come with a private bathroom with sink, shower and WC. Standard sleepers sleep one to three guests and come with a washbasin.

Couchette compartments are the most affordable, and the Paris to Venice train has both four berths, six berths. Both couchette compartments come with a bedding kit, a bottle of mineral water, Compartments are usually shared with strangers, unless booked by your entire party. Shared toilets and sinks are available in each coach, and the temperature can be adjusted in each compartment. 

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Food and drink

With an earlier departure time than many overnight trains, many passengers choose to have dinner on board the Thello night train – in the train’s restaurant car. For dinner, the train offers a large choice or menus, with gourmet dishes, hot meals, light meals and vegetarian options, along with sharing plates and platters The car is open for dinner from 20:00 to 00:00 for dinner and you can book a table before your departure. The bar area is open for the duration of the trip, and is where guests head for snacks, light meals, beverages and breakfast – which conststs of croissants, preserves, cold meats, yoghurts and breads. 

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Meals can be purchased on the train

Dress code

There is no set dress code on the train, but make sure to wear comfortable clothing and pack pyjamas. Those travelling alone might want to dress modestly for bedtime if sharing a couchette compartment with strangers. 

What’s included

Tickets include the journey itself and accommodation on the train, with food and drink available to purchase at an additional cost. Passengers are given a bottle of complimentary mineral water along with a sleep. Passengers travelling in premium sleepers also get a travel kit with toiletries, slippers, a welcome drink and breakfast included in the price of the journey.

Pros and cons

The chance to travel so comfortably and affordably between Paris and Venice is a real pro, and on such a modern and clean train. Other pros include a full French-style dinner service (with wine) and the option to take your pets on board.

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