Zagreb to Split Train – Croatia

Zagreb to Split Train, Croatia

Croatian Railways operate a comfortable and efficient sleeper train from Zagreb to Split every day. This will give you the chance to leave the country’s famed capital city with its neo-Gothic cathedrals and buzzy café culture late at night, ready for an early morning arrival in Split. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the glittering Adriatic waterfront and a chance to visit its historic 1,800-year old Roman palace. You can travel overnight on this train in a sleeper or couchette carriage, or alternatively, in the second class seats. The latter is only recommended for the very young. 

Prices from: US $42
Departing from: Zagreb Glarni Kolodvor station
Journey length: 1 night

Zagreb to Split train route

The overnight sleep train leaves Zagreb at 22.56, arriving in Split at 06.49

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Zagreb to Split train

This overnight train is modern and air-conditioned, clean and comfortable. All carriages on board have been cleverly designed to maximise the space, ensuring an enjoyable journey for all ages. There is no restaurant or bar on board. 

Sleeper carriages on Zagreb to Split train

The Zagreb to Split train has one modern sleeping car containing one, two and three-berth compartments plus six-berth mixed-sex couchettes and some second class seats. You will find a wash basin in each sleeper car with WCs outside for sleeper and couchette carriages. 

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Food and drink

There is no restaurant or bar on this train, so most passengers choose to eat dinner in Zagreb before they board the train. If you don’t want to do that, you can also take your own food and drink on board with you. 

Dress code

There is no official dress code on this sleeper train, so you are free to wear what you like. Just make sure that if you’re sharing your cabin with strangers, you have something modest to wear while you are sleeping. 

Fellow passengers

This is a very popular route for those travelling in Croatia so expect to meet passengers of all ages from around the world. This is a very friendly train so if you are sharing a cabin you will soon get chatting to your fellow overnight passengers.

What’s included

The price of your fare and overnight accommodation is included in your ticket.

Pros and cons

This sleeper train is a great way to travel easily from Zagreb to Split. It is reasonably priced, clean and efficient. However, it comes with no extras at all, so it’s not the greatest travel experience in the world. That said, kids love it so it’s a great way of introducing you children to the joy of travelling by sleeper train.

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