6 reasons the Queen loved her private royal train

Discover 6 reasons why the late Queen Elizabeth II loved her private royal train

Private Train

Because the royal train is private, the royal family can travel around the UK in total privacy with their assistants and staff on board.

Unique History

The first royal train (above) made its first appearance back in June 1842 when Queen Victoria stepped on board. The trip was a 30-minute journey from Slough near to Windsor Castle to Paddington Station in London. She wrote in her diary that the trip was ‘delightful and so quick.’ Since then the train has had many reincarnations, the last being in 1977 – the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

Home from home

The inside of the train is surprisingly modest and unadorned. The no-nonsense Queen was said to have liked it this way and loved the fact that her corgis could get on board too. But it wasn’t always this way. One of the ornate carriages from Queen Victoria’s reign can now be seen at the National Railway Museum in York.

Fond memories of Philip

The late Queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh travelled frequently on the royal train together, and she had fond memories of their many happy journeys around the United Kingdom.

And memories of Meghan too..

When Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, lived in the UK, she made a memorable trip with the Queen on the Royal Train to Cheshire. When they arrived, they performed a couple of successful functions together. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Prince Harry will be travelling on the royal train anytime soon…

Night Fever

The train has beds on board and even a couple of baths which means the Royal family can sleep on the train overnight. This is very handy if they have to attend a function early in the morning.

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