7 reasons to book a rail holiday today

From a new love affair with UK trains to some amazing train deals, we’ve discovered 7 reasons to book your next rail holiday today.

1. UK train holiday bonanza

All aboard the Jacobite Steam train in Scotland

Until we’ve all had our vaccinations and we’re given the green light to travel to our favourite European countries and further afield too, the safe bet if you’re longing for a train holiday is to book one here at home. Scotland with its Belmond Royal Scotsman and Jacobite Steam Train is always popular. This is fast followed by Wales with its Ffestiniog Railway and Welsh Highland Railway. And don’t forget the joy of travelling on a popular British sleeper train like the Caledonian Sleeper and the Night Riviera to Cornwall. Tickets for this year on these popular trains are selling fast so don’t delay and be disappointed.

2. Lock in some great deals

Imagine riding on the iconic Glacier Express

2020 was a terrible year for train travel agents so they’re keen to book as many holidays as they can this year. What this means is that the bigger agents like Great Rail Journeys and Railbookers are regularly running some great offers on their journeys. And if you shop around and talk to all the key agents, you will be able to secure your holiday for a great price (maybe even at 2019 or 2020 prices). This is definitely the year to book the rail holiday of your dreams.

3. A low season all-year round

Treat yourself to a journey on the Flam Railway

Traditionally, train holidays booked for Spring or summer are more expensive but as most train trips will be off the agenda till probably the beginning of summer, prices should remain the same throughout the year, meaning it could be a great year for you to travel on a bucket list train like the Bernina Express, Flam Railway or Al Andalus Train.

4. Availability is limited

If you want to get on board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express you’d better book fast

Like planes, getting a ticket on a train you love, depends on availability. So, if you’ve always had your heart set on a bucket-list adventure on a train like the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the Belmond British Pullman or the Northern Belle, you’d better get a move on before they all sell out in 2021.

5. No-fly holidays are becoming really popular

Travelling by Eurostar makes avoiding planes easy

For years, many train fans have enjoyed the chance to travel not only in the UK, but on the continent too without going anywhere near an airport. Thanks Eurostar! The covid crisis has made more and more people aware of environmental issues, which means that train travel is becoming more and more popular. Add to that, the opportunity to take a reasonable amount of luggage with you. So you can see why there will be a boom in rail travel this year. So, if there is a train trip you’ve got your eye on for 2021, you’d better book it soon to guarantee a seat on the train.

6. Your money will go further

Your British money will go further this year abroad

Now that Brexit is over, the pound sterling is at a high. Of course, this means that the pound in your pocket will be able to go further. Before you book your next train trip, you should take a look at the Post Office and TransferWise’s websites which give details of how far your pound will go in each country.

7. Have vaccination, will travel

The world of train travel beckons after you’ve been vaccinated

Our government has pledged that all the over 50s in the UK should have had their first vaccination jabs by the end of March. If this happens, it means that the older members of our society will be able to travel both here in the UK, and abroad faster. So, if you’re in the over 50s age group, it’s worth thinking about booking a trip on a train like the Belmond Grand Hibernian or the Eastern & Oriental Express for mid-summer onwards.