Prince William at 40 – his love affair with trains

As Prince William turns 40 we take a look at his life and his love affair with trains

A train lover from childhood

Like the rest of his family, including dad Prince Charles and mum, Princess Diana, Prince William loves trains. When he attended Eton in his teens he could regularly be seen with is bodyguards on the local commuter trains. And here he is pictured in Bangor getting off the Royal Train with his father as locals sang him Happy Birthday. Clearly, Prince William at 40 still has a love affair with trains.

Kate’s got the train bug too

One of the easiest ways to travel in the UK and on royal assignments abroad is by train. And William and his wife Catherine enjoy travelling by train whenever they can. Though judging by this photo, they’re not as used to jumping on and off trains as the rest of us!

Maybe they need to practise on the London Underground when it’s busy – they could start on the new Elizabeth Line, named after William’s granny!

Trains keep morale up

During the pandemic, William and Kate travelled around the UK on the royal train to keep morale up. They met many locals on their journey who remarked how friendly and cheery they were, despite having to wear their masks everywhere.

William and the Royal train

Since Victorian times the royal family has enjoyed travelling on the private royal train. Not only does it give them total privacy, they are beds, showers and baths on board too if they need a rest or want to freshen up. As William takes on more royal duties, he and Catherine will be seen more on the train. And no doubt, their children, George, Charlotte and Louis will become fans of the royal train too as they grow up.

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