What’s on board new British train line Lumo

We travelled from London to Edinburgh to discover what’s on board new British train line Lumo

Lumo promises train passengers the chance to travel effortlessly between London and Edinburgh at a price everyone can afford.

The new line which has been in development for the past two years boasts environmentally-friendly all-electric trains, the chance to pre order delivery food of your choice and some very purse-friendly fares from only £14.90 one way.

Railway Traveller was lucky to travel on Lumo’s first ever journey from London King’s Cross to Waverley Station in Edinburgh. Here’s what we discovered….

First impressions count

Waiting for the first Lumo train to arrive on platform 8 at London King’s Cross station the excitement is palpable. One of the line’s new ambassadors Harvey Price is on the platform with the passengers. And acclaimed singer-song writer Tom Walker is about to step on board.

The train’s livery is sleek and shiny in a smart royal blue. On board the blue colour palatte continues with super comfy seats for everyone. There are no different classes on this train so there’s no chance of you sitting in first class by mistake. All the seats are big and very well designed with special fold-out trays so you can work on board. There are also plenty of sockets to charge up your phone and plug in your computer.

Leaving King’s Cross

Right on time at precisely 10.45am on Thursday 21st November we leave London’s King’s Cross, heading for Edinburgh. The journey along the East Coast Main Line is scheduled to take around four-and-a-half hours, stopping on the way at Stevenage, Newcastle and Morpeth.

Onboard bliss

As the journey begins the friendly staff ‘ambassadors’ walk through the carriages. As there is no buffet carriage on the train, you can either bring your own food and drink on board, pre order from outside companies on Lumo’s app or enjoy drinks and snacks from the trollies that regularly come around.

We chose to try some of the snack boxes and whether you go for a regular one or a vegan one, they are very tasty indeed.

Equally good is the free wi-fi which is easy to access and this alone will make this line very popular with customers.

Praise must be given too to the roomy toilets with floor to ceiling mirrors and handy baby changing facilities.

A warm welcome in Edinburgh

Arriving just after 3pm, the train is greeting with a warm welcome from the people of Edinburgh as we are given a piper’s welcome. Like the Eurostar, the Lumo will deliver you straight into the heart of Edinburgh and London which is a massive bonus.

What you need to know

New rail line Lumo will initially operate four daily services between London and Edinburgh and this will increase to 10 per day early next year.

The service promises reasonably priced fares for everyone. The idea is that people who would have flown to Edinburgh in the past will now take the train. One-way fares have been advertised as being available from £14.90 although many of these cheap tickets are now sold out.

The advice if you’re looking for a cheap ticket is to try and book as much as you can in advance on their website.

Railway Traveller’s Verdict

As train journeys go, this was one of the best. The carriages are very well lit, the wifi is seamless and the seats are super comfy. Even better, travelling on an electric train makes you feel like you’re doing your bit for the planet and the staff are genuinely friendly and helpful.

We’re hoping the launch of Lumo will give the rest of the UK train operators a boot up the backside. But in the meantime, book yourself a trip on one of their fabulous new trains and enjoy the experience yourself.

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